NYU Abu Dhabi
Communications Lab
IM-UH 1011 (formerly MDMED-AD 102)
Spring 2018
Prerequisites: None
Credit Hours: 4
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Instructor: Pierre Depaz
Email: pierre.depaz@nyu.edu
Office Hours: Open Door Policy
Class Time: Tuesday 11:50AM - 2:30AM + Thursday 11:50AM - 1:05PM
Classroom: Art Center Rm 153
Instructor: Craig Protzel
Email: craig.protzel@nyu.edu
Office Hours: Open Door Policy
Class Time: Monday 2:40PM - 5:20PM + Wednesday 4:05PM - 5:20PM
Classroom: Art Center Rm 029
Code Repository: https://github.com/NYUAD-IM/Comm-Lab
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Course Description
Communications Lab is a production based course that surveys various technologies including web development, sound, 2D design, digital imaging, video, effects and animation. The forms and uses of these communications technologies are explored in a laboratory context of experimentation, collaboration, and discussion. Much of class time will be spent introducing and playing with equipment and software essential to media production and contemporary storytelling. Each technology is examined as a tool that can be employed and utilized in a variety of situations and experiences. The world wide web will serve as the primary environment for content delivery and user-interaction. Principles of interpersonal communications and media theory are also introduced with an emphasis on storytelling fundamentals, user-­centered design, and interactivity. Outside of the classroom, students will work both individually and in assigned groups on a variety of assignments. Each student will be expected to complete weekly homework exercises, 5 major assignments, and one final web portfolio project.
Learning Outcomes
Teaching Methodology
This course takes an active learning project-oriented with the intention of providing students with as much hands ­on experience as possible. Classes will move quickly through each technology first providing a theoretical foundation along with technical instruction, and then encouraging students to learn through play, experimentation, collaboration, and exploration. Individual classes will include lectures, discussions, examples, workshops, group work, and presentations. Outside of the class, students will engage in both individual and group work. Group collaboration is a fundamental component of this course.
Course Mission - L.E.G.S.
Attendance & Participation
Saturday Screenings @7pm
(In the Arts Center B101 Film Screening Room)